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Letest News

With our news we inform you about current topics around the valuation, marketing as well as securing of mobile assets.

posted 25.11.2022

Gesellschafter Haftung in einer GmbH

GmbH (oder oft auch Gesellschaft mbH genannt) heißt Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung. Das bedeutet, dass die Gesellschaft ausschließlich mit dem Gesellschaftsvermögen haftet. Allerdings gibt es bei der Gesellschafter Haftung Unterschiede. So wird die Gesellschafter Haftung im Innenverhältnis anders behandelt als im Außenverhältnis. In der Regel ist eine private Gesellschafter Haftung ausgeschlossen. Es gibt jedoch einige Ausnahmen, in denen die Gesellschafter mit ihrem Privatvermögen haften müssen. Welche, erfahren Sie in diesem Blogbeitrag vom Auktionshaus InventoryNord.

posted 18.09.2022

Preventing a partition auction

Whether a divorce or an inheritance - when it comes to assets, disagreements and disputes quickly arise. This is especially the case with non-divisible assets such as real estate. How you can prevent a partial auction and what exactly it is about, we from the auction house InventoryNord explain here.

posted 12.09.2022

InventoryNord presents comprehensive website relaunch

Online auctions are a versatile and attractive trading place for sellers and buyers. To ensure that the format develops its full potential, InventoryNord is relaunching its platform with comprehensive optimization in terms of usability.

posted 09.09.2022

ROSOMA GmbH Insolvency Auction

The insolvency of a company is one of the most common reasons for the realisation of assets in an auction. This also applies to ROSOMA GmbH Rostocker Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau from Rostock. The operating and business equipment as well as machinery and plant are being auctioned off in the course of the insolvency. We at InventoryNord will now show you what you should know about this - your professional in matters of auctions.

posted 04.06.2022

GmbH liability: observe external and internal liability

The limited liability company is undoubtedly one of the most popular legal forms in the entrepreneurial world due to its limitation of liability. The liability of the GmbH towards third parties (external liability) is limited only to the GmbH's corporate assets.

posted 03.06.2022

The tasks of a realisation company in the event of insolvency

In the event of insolvency, many different tasks are involved, including drawing up an insolvency plan, taking over the insolvency estate, drawing up lists of creditors and ultimately dividing the insolvency estate among the creditors.

posted 27.12.2021

Turn good intentions into goals: Save money by buying a show kitchen.

The turn of the year is the time for good resolutions. Probably one of the most popular resolutions among Germans: saving money! Due to the studio closure of Küchen Quelle GmbH in Freiburg and Berlin, you currently have the opportunity to do so.

posted 02.12.2021

InventoryNord auctions off the movable fixed assets of Brinkmann Raucherbedarf GmbH

Interested parties can bid on the mobile assets of Bremen-based Brinkmann Raucherbedarf GmbH in two auctions. In the second auction, which has just started, automation technology and PLC controllers are for sale by InventoryNord.

posted 04.10.2021

Professional marketing of insolvency assets as a win-win for industrial companies

Auctions of insolvency assets offer opportunities for all parties involved. In InventoryNord GmbH's online auctions, insolvency administrators, leasing companies and banks achieve maximum sales proceeds. Buyers benefit from attractive offers.

posted 12.04.2021

Why it pays to buy used machines and tools

Why it is worthwhile for companies to acquire second-hand production goods. Small and medium-sized enterprises that buy second-hand equipment and machinery at auction often gain considerable competitive advantages. We inform you about the economic benefits that especially craft enterprises and start-ups derive from an investment in second-hand machinery and tools.