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Lot: 1


Machine no. 1720002121 / Year of construction: 2006
Inclined bed lathe / Turning diameter over bed: 400 mm / Centre width: 1,250 mm
Fixed steady rest from 20 mm - 156 mm turning diameter
Chuck Schu...

Starting price 1.500 EUR
1.500 EUR
1 Bid
05D 04hrs 50min 49sec (08.12.2022 11:00)




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Machine auction: This is why auctions are worthwhile

Within the framework of a machinery auction from InventoryNord, you can sell machinery and stock quickly and successfully. As the machinery auctions are conducted exclusively online, the sale of machinery is particularly quick. In a machine auction, the items are auctioned off against the highest bid. Before bidding, the buyers have the opportunity to inspect the machines and get an idea of their condition.

InventoryNord GmbH also produces an online catalogue with all the items in the auction, in which you can read the most important information about the machines.

What do you find at a machine auction?

At a machinery auction you will find the most diverse products. In our experience, auctions specialising in certain areas are particularly popular. Whether woodworking machines or metalworking machines, the selection is large, so that especially industrial auctions are carried out by our auction house InventoryNord. As a rule, it is mainly machines for the manufacturing industry in all sectors that are offered.

Since it is not uncommon for companies to completely close down their operations, the offer often goes beyond the actual machinery. By means of our appraisals, the value of the machinery on offer can be estimated before a machinery auction. So if you want to participate in an online machinery auction, we strongly advise you to look at the information provided and assess the state of preservation.

The advantages of a machine auction

The great advantage of an InventoryNord machine auction is above all the much more favourable prices and the fast availability of the machines. Especially the fast availability is extremely important for most companies. But online auctions offer even more advantages. 

After all, the machines can be marketed within a very short time due to their worldwide reach. Moreover, compared to other sales channels, considerably more potential buyers are reached, because international buyer circles are also addressed in our online auctions. Since the auction platform is accessible to everyone, large and small companies have the same chances at a machinery auction. 

Procedure of a machine auction

At a machinery auction, the price of the machinery is determined by an industrial valuer. This price is the minimum price. The bids of the other bidders become visible in the course of the auction. During the auction, various bids are submitted, whereby the higher bid replaces the lower bid. The machine auction ends when no further bids are made for 120 seconds after the highest bid. The highest bidder is awarded the contract and the machine auction is over. If you have won the auction without reservation, you bear the rights and obligations relating to the machine.

What to look out for at a machine auction

To ensure that you are not negatively surprised at a machine auction, there are a few things to consider when participating in an auction. The most important thing at a machinery auction is that you inform yourself in advance about the machines on offer. Whether on-site inspection or picture and video material, how you inspect the offered objects is up to you. Further information on the individual machines can also be found out by tracing the serial number or model number, if these are available.

The reason for participating in an InventoryNord machine auction is above all the hope of getting a low price. But to ensure that the supposed bargain remains one, you should find out in advance about the additional costs for the buyer. Expenses such as fees for the auctioneer, taxes or dismantling and transport costs should be clear beforehand. Let us evaluate your machinery to achieve the best possible results at a machinery auction. 

For more information, feel free to visit our FAQs.